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Poppy Angeloff by Doe Deere

Poppy Angeloff Founder Doe Deere Shines Bright Like a Diamond

For Doe Deere, living an unconventional existence has always been key. Ever since she came to the United States at 17 years old, the intrepid, daring entrepreneur has always been willing to use her creativity to succeed. For two years, she lived in a homeless shelter with her mother and sister, surviving off the kindness of strangers. It was then that she started to develop her unique vision, and it wasn't long before Deere was selling her unique clothing creations online. Although she was selling apparel, it quickly became obvious that Deere's bold makeup aesthetic was what was attracting clients. She knew that it was difficult to find bold pigments, which was why she went to a manufacturer to find out if they might be willing to make a 1,000-piece sample collection for her. The rest, as they saw, is history. This was the beginning of Deere's first company, Lime Crime, which became known for its digital native nature, as well as its incredible Unicorn Hair line and the lip products called Plushies.

Anillo Dos Deere pansy ring
Via: Poppy Angeloff

After several years of working with Lime Crime, it was time for Deere to depart and employ her amazing aesthetic in other ways. The concept for her newest creation, Poppy Angeloff, was launched as she was looking over some family heirlooms. Her curiosity sparked, Deere embarked on a research frenzy, discovering all the ways in which people have crafted jewelry in the past. The Victorian theme always sits well with her, perhaps because she is so enamored of the delicate dollhouse look that defines the era. When customers go on the Poppy Angeloff website, they're treated to visions of beautiful gems arranged in the most dazzling combinations. There are pansies, which were a perennial favorite of people during the Victorian times, as well as lovely bows. For those who are concerned about how their gems are sourced, there is no need to worry here; Poppy Angeloff uses lab-made gems. Under a microscope, even the most well-trained gemologist will not even be able to tell the difference between a lab ruby and one that was mined outside.

But finding responsibly procured gems is far from the first socially conscious thing that Deere has done. With Lime Crime, she put all her focus on releasing only vegan products. With many vegan customers, she knew that this was the right thing to do—and it was a savvy business move as well. All along the way, Deere has always placed a huge emphasis on listening to her consumers. After all, they are the ones who dictate the trajectory of a business. When Deere is giving advice to other budding entrepreneurs, she always encourages them to put themselves in the shoes of the people they want to have buying from them. She also believes that one must be passionately invested in whatever business it is that they are trying to promote. Once you do the research, you can see what is trending—and what might not perhaps possess a lot of representation on the market.

Indeed, Doe Deere is all about the big picture. It's why her Poppy Angeloff line is so dazzling, and it's why the packaging for the line is equally stunning. She implicitly understands what is lacking in the lives of today's fashionable women and men—and then she strives to give it to them. With Poppy Angeloff being a family affair, it's even more personal to her than Lime Crime. And in the coming months and years, we will undoubtedly see Doe Deere's business prowess impress both customers and those who would like to emulate her success.

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