miércoles, 10 de abril de 2019

Cómo hacer un cuadro de flores

Te han llegado unas flores para Sant Jordi, para tu cumpleaños o un día cualquiera por sorpresa. ¿Sabes que ese ramo de flores puede tener vida más allá de decorar?

Enviar flores a domicilio cada vez tiene más adeptos y es uno de los detalles que más sorprenden y gustan. Porque recibir un ramo de flores que no esperabas te alegra el día sin duda alguna. Pero si tener un ramo por sorpresa no fuera suficiente, luego cabe la posibilidad de utilizar este ramo cuando ya se esté secando para seguir decorando tu hogar.

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martes, 2 de abril de 2019

Poppy Angeloff by Doe Deere

Poppy Angeloff Founder Doe Deere Shines Bright Like a Diamond

For Doe Deere, living an unconventional existence has always been key. Ever since she came to the United States at 17 years old, the intrepid, daring entrepreneur has always been willing to use her creativity to succeed. For two years, she lived in a homeless shelter with her mother and sister, surviving off the kindness of strangers. It was then that she started to develop her unique vision, and it wasn't long before Deere was selling her unique clothing creations online. Although she was selling apparel, it quickly became obvious that Deere's bold makeup aesthetic was what was attracting clients. She knew that it was difficult to find bold pigments, which was why she went to a manufacturer to find out if they might be willing to make a 1,000-piece sample collection for her. The rest, as they saw, is history. This was the beginning of Deere's first company, Lime Crime, which became known for its digital native nature, as well as its incredible Unicorn Hair line and the lip products called Plushies.

Anillo Dos Deere pansy ring
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